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    SF30 Day 18— Butt & Thighs (50 minutes)

    It might be Friday, but you’re not off the hook for your workout.  Today’s workout is a challenging 50-minute butt and thigh workout that uses both free weights and bands.  It’s going to have your legs sore all of the way through the weekend (in a good way).  Sydney Cummings is an inspirational fitness trainer and former West Virginia University athlete with a studio and online business based in North Carolina.  I like her workouts because she talks and trains right alongside you, and she’s not afraid to break a sweat.  She’s also not afraid to lift heavy.  Her fitness company, Royal Change, is geared towards making fitness accessible to…

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    SF30 Day 17 — Arms (27 minutes)

    Today, I’m introducing one of my new fitness favorites, Caroline Girvan, for one of my favorite workout days, ARMS (!!).  Caroline is a northern Ireland-based fitness trainer, mom of two, and ultra-marathoner. And, she is not afraid to lift heavy.  Some say that, if you want to learn how to be skinny, watch a skinny person.   Well, if you want to have a ripped physique, watch a Caroline Girvan workout.  This woman is not afraid of a set of weights, and she has the guns to show for it.   I like Caroline’s workouts because she starts with an introduction on proper form, which is helpful guidance.  This workout is comprised…

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    A Simple Fitness Workout Space

    In my first post, I touched briefly on the how minimally and easily you can set up a fitness space in your home.   I tend to move every three to four years, so I’ve had A LOT of practice finding ways to exercise at home in a wide variety of spaces.  It sometimes takes some creativity, but it can be done.  In my first post, I included a picture of my current workout space.  In this post, I’ll go into more detail how to set up a home workout space.  Mat If you’re an absolute minimalist in working out or are on the road without access to a gym, there’s…