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    SF30 Day 19 — HIIT Cardio (35 minutes)

    Time to bump up that heart rate with one of my favorite high intensity interval  training (HIIT) workouts.  What’s HIIT, you ask?  It’s a version of interval training where you alternate short bursts of intense exercise with less intensive recovery periods.  In this way, you can get a challenging cardiovascular workout in a shorter period of time.  Today’s routine is part of an 8-week challenge from LIVESTRONG, led by former pro soccer player and celebrity trainer Nicky Holender.  These days, Nick focuses on training celebrities and athletes, but in this 2014 STRONGER series, LIVESTRONG became an early leader in offering free, full length workouts on YouTube.  I’ve been a fan…

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    Exercises,  Full Body,  SF30

    SF30 Day 14 — Total Body Strength/HIIT with Weights (40 minutes)

    This week, we’re going to kick it up another notch, introducing longer and more advanced routines.   Today’s workout is a total body strength session using dumbbells.  If you avoid strength training because you get bored or don’t like doing repeated sets of the same exercise, then this workout is perfect you.  It does not repeat a single exercise.  Today’s video is from Penny Barnshaw, also known as Garage Fitness Girl.  Penny is an Australian fitness trainer and lifestyle coach with 20 years of experience helping her client achieve their fitness goals.  Penny uses both YouTube and Instagram to post her workouts, so you can pick which platform you prefer.  I…

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    Cool Down,  Core,  Exercises,  Full Body,  SF30,  Warm Up

    SF30 Day 10 — Core & Cardio (25 minutes)

    I can’t believe we’re already 1/3 of the way through the Simple Fitness 30-Day Challenge!  I hope you all are discovering some new exercises and trainers who will help you meet your fitness goals.  Today’s video is from HASFit (Heart and Soul Fitness), led by married couple Joshua and Claudia Kozak.  Coach Kozak can be a bit of a cheeseball, but his workouts are solid and challenging.  His wife, Claudia, provides lower impact or less difficult versions of the moves, so you can still follow this video if you’re a beginner, have knee or back issues, or live in an apartment where you have to watch your noise levels.  This…

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    Exercises,  Full Body,  SF30

    SF30 Day 8 — HIIT Cardio (22 minutes)

    Yesterday, we focused on strength with Heather Robinson’s total body strength workout.  Get your cardio in today with this 22 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout from Fitness Blender.  Fitness Blender is one of my all-time favorite online workout programs, with access to over 600 free videos on their YouTube channel and a website that has 4 and 8 week programs for a modest fee (and they’re offering 70% off certain programs until September 30, making them even more cost effective).  Kelli and Daniel Segars are a married couple in Washington State who provide truly solid and thoughtful exercise and nutrition programs.  They don’t rely on diet and exercise…