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    SF30 Day 18— Butt & Thighs (50 minutes)

    It might be Friday, but you’re not off the hook for your workout.  Today’s workout is a challenging 50-minute butt and thigh workout that uses both free weights and bands.  It’s going to have your legs sore all of the way through the weekend (in a good way).  Sydney Cummings is an inspirational fitness trainer and former West Virginia University athlete with a studio and online business based in North Carolina.  I like her workouts because she talks and trains right alongside you, and she’s not afraid to break a sweat.  She’s also not afraid to lift heavy.  Her fitness company, Royal Change, is geared towards making fitness accessible to…

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    SF30 Day 7 — Total Body Strength (25 minutes)

    For readers in the US, Happy Labor Day!  Today’s video will definitely require some labor.  This week I’m introducing longer videos that require some equipment (exercise bands, weights).  If you’re new to exercising at home, check out my blog post on how to set up a home workout space.  You’ll be able to quickly assemble everything you need to stay in shape at home.  I recently added some new exercise bands to my basket of exercise goodies, and I am anxious to try them out.  So, today I am choosing Heather Robertson’s 25 minute total body strength workout with resistance bands.  I’ve been following Heather Robertson for about a month…