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    SF30 Day 14 — Total Body Strength/HIIT with Weights (40 minutes)

    This week, we’re going to kick it up another notch, introducing longer and more advanced routines.   Today’s workout is a total body strength session using dumbbells.  If you avoid strength training because you get bored or don’t like doing repeated sets of the same exercise, then this workout is perfect you.  It does not repeat a single exercise.  Today’s video is from Penny Barnshaw, also known as Garage Fitness Girl.  Penny is an Australian fitness trainer and lifestyle coach with 20 years of experience helping her client achieve their fitness goals.  Penny uses both YouTube and Instagram to post her workouts, so you can pick which platform you prefer.  I…

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    Taking a Holistic View of Fitness and Wellness: Q&A with Ally Templeton, Personal Trainer (Part 1)

    Alexandra (Ally) Templeton, a self-described “Wellness Ambassador,” has been coaching her clients on wellness, fitness, and healthy cooking for the past 5 years.  I learned about Ally through a Brussels ex pat Facebook group.  After checking out her website and YouTube Channel, I was smitten.  Ally’s philosophy on health, wellness, and fitness is soothing and holistic.  Her website’s landing page sums it up well:  “I believe in an uncomplicated approach to health and fitness where ever you are in the world.”  The Washington, DC, native became a fitness instructor after falling in love with fitness at the University of Georgia, where she studied Romance Languages (majoring in Spanish and Portuguese)…