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    SF30 Day 15 — Cardio Dance and Kickboxing (30-40 minutes)

    I can’t believe we are half way through the Simple Fitness 30-Day Challenge! I hope you’ve had some fun exploring different styles of training and trainers. I’m having a blast sharing some of my old favorites and exploring new content. There’s so much good stuff out there, much of it free. To celebrate this halfway milestone, I’m sharing a 30-minute cardio dance and kickboxing workout from Pop Sugar Fitness. I shared an earlier Pop Sugar Fitness video featuring Katie Dunlop on Day 3 of the Challenge. PSF features a variety of guest trainers, which introduces me to a lot of new instructors to follow. Today’s trainer is Joseph D, a…

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    Exercises,  Full Body,  SF30

    SF30 Day 5 — Cardio (10-minute cardio dance)

    It’s the weekend!!  Time for a little cardio dance party to get you ready for Saturday night.  I use Keaira LaShae and BeFiT when I want to have a bit of fun in my workout.  (Keaira is also featured on Daily Burn, if you have that subscription.  Check out my review of Daily Burn’s 20 Minute Total Body Strength program.) I’m not a clubber, but I love to learn new dance moves.  Sometimes I feel awkward or silly doing the moves, but that’s the beauty of working out at home.  No one sees you, and you work up a good sweat while learning something new.  This 10-minute workout gets a…