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    SF30 Day 17 — Arms (27 minutes)

    Today, I’m introducing one of my new fitness favorites, Caroline Girvan, for one of my favorite workout days, ARMS (!!).  Caroline is a northern Ireland-based fitness trainer, mom of two, and ultra-marathoner. And, she is not afraid to lift heavy.  Some say that, if you want to learn how to be skinny, watch a skinny person.   Well, if you want to have a ripped physique, watch a Caroline Girvan workout.  This woman is not afraid of a set of weights, and she has the guns to show for it.   I like Caroline’s workouts because she starts with an introduction on proper form, which is helpful guidance.  This workout is comprised…

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    SF30 Day 9 — Arms (25 minutes)

    Arms day is one of my favorite workout days.  I love to feel strong, and I’ve always aspired to having powerful and sculpted arms (definitely still a work in progress, even after all these years).  Today’s video is my go to routine when I want to burn out my shoulders, biceps and triceps.  The trainer, Irena, gives a nice explanation and demonstration of good form before jumping in.  The routine requires weights, but you could also use water bottles or cans if you don’t have them.   You can also reference my article offering guidance on selecting weights. There’s no warm up or cool down, so refer back to my Day…

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    SF30 Day 2 — Arms (10 minutes, no equipment)

    Okay readers, today is arms day!  For those who read my August blog post, Vacation-Friendly Upper Body Workouts (No Equipment), you know that it doesn’t take weights to work out your arms, shoulders, chest and back.  And you’re also not relegated to endless push-ups (though I certainly encourage you to master a solid push-up regime).   Here’s another great workout that you can do anywhere, anytime, no weights, and no push-ups.  And it will surprise you.  It hurts (in a good way), and it works.  Emily Mclaughlin is a relatively new online trainer for me.  She’s based in Berlin, Germany (though she sounds North American), and bills herself as a “content…

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    Vacation-Friendly Upper Body Workouts (No Equipment)

    Nothing makes me feel stronger and more confident than looking down and seeing the little bump in my bicep from the (what feels like) 9000 bicep curls I’ve done over a lifetime.  I absolutely LOVE to strength train more than any other type of fitness.  But with vacation season upon us (for those who can travel), it’s not always possible to have weights on hand.  I’m sharing my top 5 upper body – no equipment – strength videos, all of which are effective and completely FREE.  These range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, leaving you with no excuse for skipping arms day.  No need to lose those guns just…