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SF30 Day 9 — Arms (25 minutes)

Arms day is one of my favorite workout days.  I love to feel strong, and I’ve always aspired to having powerful and sculpted arms (definitely still a work in progress, even after all these years).  Today’s video is my go to routine when I want to burn out my shoulders, biceps and triceps.  The trainer, Irena, gives a nice explanation and demonstration of good form before jumping in.  The routine requires weights, but you could also use water bottles or cans if you don’t have them.   You can also reference my article offering guidance on selecting weights.

There’s no warm up or cool down, so refer back to my Day 1 post if you need either one. 

Everything Luxy, 20 Minutes to Sexy Toned Arms

If you’re a big fan of arm workouts like me, check out my earlier blog post, Vacation Friendly Upper Body Workouts

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