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SF30 Day 8 — HIIT Cardio (22 minutes)

Yesterday, we focused on strength with Heather Robinson’s total body strength workout.  Get your cardio in today with this 22 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout from Fitness Blender.  Fitness Blender is one of my all-time favorite online workout programs, with access to over 600 free videos on their YouTube channel and a website that has 4 and 8 week programs for a modest fee (and they’re offering 70% off certain programs until September 30, making them even more cost effective).  Kelli and Daniel Segars are a married couple in Washington State who provide truly solid and thoughtful exercise and nutrition programs.  They don’t rely on diet and exercise gimmicks, and they’re not trying to hawk products or programs that promise unrealistic results.  I just love, love, love these guys.  So there’s a good chance you’ll see them again before this 30-Day Challenge is over. 

Fitness Blender, HIIT Cardio (22 minutes)

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