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SF30 Day 7 — Total Body Strength (25 minutes)

For readers in the US, Happy Labor Day!  Today’s video will definitely require some labor.  This week I’m introducing longer videos that require some equipment (exercise bands, weights).  If you’re new to exercising at home, check out my blog post on how to set up a home workout space.  You’ll be able to quickly assemble everything you need to stay in shape at home. 

I recently added some new exercise bands to my basket of exercise goodies, and I am anxious to try them out.  So, today I am choosing Heather Robertson’s 25 minute total body strength workout with resistance bands.  I’ve been following Heather Robertson for about a month now, and I like what I see.  Heather has a free 12-week workout plan that I intend to follow and review later this fall (after I finish my socially distanced running race, the COVID Cup; Season 4 starts in October   see link for details).  This video starts with your lower body, moves to upper body, and finishes with core. 

A couple of tips on this video.  I suggest watching it through once before performing.  You only have 10 seconds between exercises to change the band position, which is a little quick, so it’s helpful to see the moves in sequence.  And one suggested adjustment Heather uses the exercise bands around her ankles while doing jumping jacks.  I found this too cumbersome and opted to not use the band for jumping jacks.  

If you don’t have exercise bands, no worries.  You will still get a solid workout without them.

Heather Robertson Full Body Resistance Band Workout (25 minutes)

Get ready, because you’re gonna be sore tomorrow!  

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