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SF30 Day 6 — Mobility (10 minutes) or Rest Day

If you’ve been following along with my daily fitness challenge, you may be ready for a rest day.  Rest days are a critically important part of exercise.  They allow your muscles and joints to recover and rebuild, ultimately making you stronger and better.  Rest days also prevent you from “over training”, which can lead to a whole host of problems, including poor performance, injuries, sleep problems, and other physical symptoms.  So when you’re ready for a rest day, take it. 

For those of you ready to move on to Day 6, here’s a great mobility session.  I’ve talked about the mobility a couple of times on my blog, once while reviewing Daily Burn’s 20 Minute Total Body Strength program (where I first started to learn about the difference between flexibility and mobility) and again during my interview with Ally Templeton, where she shares a simple hip mobility flow.  

In learning more about mobility, I’ve discovered that even the so-called fitness experts don’t always get it right.  Some still confuse mobility with stretching or flexibility.   It’s a hot buzz word.  So, if you want to add mobility training into your daily practice, it’s important to find an online (or in person) trainer who truly understands the difference. 

That’s why I’m pleased to share with you today’s video from Shona Vertue, self-described as “an Australian badass with a good ass.”  Shona shares time between London and Sydney (presumably pre-pandemic), and she counts David Beckham as one of her clients.  She has her own strength and yoga method, called the Vertue Method, which combines strength training, cardio, yoga and meditation.   And, she has a specialized mobility program, a 12-week plan that requires 10-30 minutes a day. 

Vertue charges a fee for both of these programs, but she has plenty of free content on her YouTube channel.  I chose this sequence because Shona takes the time to really explain mobility and its benefits.   Enjoy!

Shona Vertue, 10-Minute Daily Mobility Routine

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