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SF30 Day 4 — Yoga (20 minute flow)

Now that you’ve worked your abs, arms, and legs , let’s slow it down a bit and enjoy a yoga flow.  As discussed in my interviews with Ally Templeton and Orsi Nagyistok, yoga is a perfect complement to strength training, allowing you to elongate the muscles that strength training causes you to contract and shorten.  Yoga also teaches you to breathe through discomfort something that comes in handy when you’re maxing out on your reps.  

Our instructor for today, Adriene Mishler, is the online guru of yoga.  Adriene hails from Austin, Texas, and has a wildly popular YouTube channel with free yoga and mindfulness videos, as well as a website and blog that provides access to paid content.  I really like her approach.  She has that calm yogi voice that gets me all relaxed and zen, but she doesn’t overdo it.  She’s natural and forgiving.  I like to use this basic yoga flow on lighter exercise days, or as an add-on to harder routines like running, HIIT, or a heavy strength session.   Give it a shot!

Yoga with Adriene, Full Body Flow (20 minutes)

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