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SF30 Day 29 — Jump Rope Workout (10 or 20 minutes)

Today’s jump rope workouts are a great way to combat the boredom that sometimes accompanies repetitive cardio exercise. And it might just take you back to those carefree childhood days of summer. 

Jumping rope has a lot of health benefits.  It elevates your heart rate to torch calories, improves coordination and balance, is easy to do, and is just plain fun.   On the flip side, continuous jumping can take its toll on your ankles, calves, and knees.  Be careful and ease into it, especially as a beginner or if you have existing injuries. 

Here’s an introductory tutorial to get started.  I recommend starting with no more than 10 minutes if you’re a beginner.  I like this routine from the Jump Rope Dudes because it alternates jumping intervals with body weight exercises.   This dude talks you through proper form throughout the video, making it a good gateway for more advanced jump roping videos.  For a warm up and cool down, refer back to my post on Day 1 of this Simple Fitness 30-Day Challenge

Jump Rope Dudes, Beginner Jump Rope Workout (10-minutes)

When you want a more advanced jump rope workout, check out this total-body video from Amanda Kloots, released by Pop Sugar Fitness.  Amanda’s sunny disposition and creative moves make the experience challenging but fresh. She delivers a solid total body workout without weights.  This video includes both a warm up and a cool down and stretch. 

Pop Sugar Fitness, feat. Amanda Kloots, Jump Rope Workout (20 minutes)

PS — a little secret … if you don’t have a jump rope, try the routines anyway and just pretend you have a rope.  I do it all of the time. 

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