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SF30 Day 28 — Kettlebell Lower Body Workout (25 minutes)

Kettlebells are a fun way to break up your traditional strength training workout.  Using a kettlebell will allow you to combine strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility training all within the same set of moves.  These routines incorporate ballistic exercises, meaning moves that use explosive power through swinging or throwing an object.   If you’re not familiar with kettlebells, they’re sort of like a small cannonball with a handle on top (see photo for an example).

Our routine comes from The Body Coach TV, created by Joe Wicks.  Joe became a phenomenon during the corona virus lockdown with his “PE with Joe” series, a daily kids workout program launched March 23, 2020.  He designed PE with Joe to keep children exercising during the worldwide lockdowns.  The series became the darling of parents everywhere, giving kids and their parents a well-deserved outlet for all of their pent up energy.  Joe hit pause on new workouts in July, but you can still access past workouts through his YouTube channel.

Today’s video is meant for grownups, however, and focuses primarily on the lower body using a kettlebell.  If you don’t have a kettlebell, that’s fine.  You can use a regular dumbbell or other weighted object, provided you can safely hold and swing it.  For a warm up and cool down, use the ones provided in Day 1 of the Simple Fitness 30-Day Challenge

Have fun!

The Body Coach TV, Home Kettlebell Workout (25 minutes)

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