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SF30 Day 26 — 1000 Calorie Workout Challenge (80 minutes)

Today’s 1000 calorie workout challenge is best for more advanced exercisers or those of you who are ready to push yourself hard.   Fitness Blender’s Daniel and Kelli Segars take us through an excruciating 80-minute routine to celebrate hitting their 2 million subscriber benchmark on YouTube.  The workout starts with a warm up, moves onto a HIIT cardio session, folds in some abdominal work, and closes with strength training and a cool down and stretch.  This workout has it all, and it will leave you drenched in sweat.

I like this routine because Daniel and Kelli demonstrate a more advanced version of each exercise coupled with an easier version.  So if you’re not ready for the full-on, 80-minute routine, you can opt for the less intensive version and see how far you get.  They both are solid trainers who demonstrate consistently good form. 

Make sure to take a rest day after this routine. 

Fitness Blender, 1000 Calorie Workout (80 minutes)

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