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SF30 Day 25 — Animal Walk Mobility Challenge

I came across the concept of “animal walks” when researching today’s mobility challenge.  I am fascinated.  Do this for fun with your kids, if you have them, or if you want a good giggle while testing the extent of your mobility.

I first found a mobility challenge called the “octopus walk” from Meck Animal.  The video features a move where Meck Animal, whose real name is Godfry Ali, slithers across the floor in an almost Cirque du Soleil, acrobatic way. 

Meckanimal, Mobility Challenge — Octopus Walk (2 minutes)

I was intrigued and did some more digging.  Animal walks are used both for warming up (often in sports or marital arts) and for enhancing strength and mobility.  They approximate the different ways that animals move, from jumping like a frog to crawling like a bear.  You start off with relatively easy moves and work your way up to exercises that are surprisingly strenuous.  According to VAHVA Fitness, different animal walks develop different aspects of fitness:

For example, monkey walks tend to be great for improving handstands, crab walks are great for improving shoulder mobility and hip hinge strength, and chameleon walks will really blast your triceps and chest muscles.

So here it is, your most unusual but fun challenge of the week — 10 different animal walk exercises from VAHVA Fitness.  Let me know which ones are easy, which are challenging, and which are the most fun! 

VAHVA Fitness, 10 Different Animal Walk Exercises (5 minutes)

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