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SF30 Day 22 — Squat Challenge

I know your arms are sore after yesterday’s push-up challenge, so today we will work those legs with a 100 repetition squat challenge. 

A squat looks deceptively simple but is easy to do wrong.  Done improperly, squats can put undue stress on your knees and back.   Done right, squats are great for your hamstrings, hips, quadriceps, and glutes, as well as some core (especially weighted squats).  To help you have perfect form, here’s a video from Brittne Babe, a fitness influencer born and bred in New Jersey. 

Brittne Babe, How to Squat Properly (2 minutes)

Taking us through today’s challenge, we have Heather Robertson.  We saw Heather on Day 7 for her total body strength workout.  As usual, Heather demonstrates excellent form throughout this series of 10 different squat exercises for a total of 100 squats.   If you want to add some extra challenge, you can add weights or use an exercise band.

Heather Robertson, Squat Challenge – 100 Reps (6 minutes)

Back tomorrow with another challenge!

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