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SF30 Day 21 — 100 Push-Up Challenge

We’re heading into the fourth week of the Simple Fitness 30-Day Challenge, and we’re having a “challenge week”!  Today’s challenge is a 100 push-up challenge.  I love to lift heavy weights, but my push-up is pretty paltry.  So, I’ve committing to improving my push-up prowess by working a daily routine into my workout. 

If you hate push-ups or think you can’t do them, here’s help.  I’ve included a great tutorial from Massy Arias, who walks you through how to do a proper push-up. She provides modifications and graduated exercises to help you build up your strength.  Massy is originally from the Dominican Republic and, given her bilingual background, creates fitness content in both English and Spanish.  Massy is a fierce, motivational trainer.  Watch out for her.

Massy Arias, Stop Doing Girl Push-Ups and Do Them Right (11 minutes)

Now that you know how to do a push-up, here’s your challenge of the day:  a 100 push-up challenge.  This challenge walks you through 10 different types of push-ups at 10 repetitions each, resulting in 100 push-ups total.  The routine comes from Joanna Soh, a Malaysian fitness instructor touted as Asia’s #1 Fitness YouTuber.  Joanna’s push-up challenge begins with easier versions of a push-up and works up to more difficult styles.  The whole video only takes 8 minutes (although, if you’re like me, you may need to pause it a bit). 

Joanna Soh, 100 Push-Up Challenge (8 minutes)

If Joanna’s challenge is too easy for you, you can aspire to this set of push-ups this guy is absolutely incredible! 

Jordan Yeoh, 20 Types of Push-Up (2 minutes)

Look for new challenges every day this week, each of which will push your fitness boundaries.

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