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SF30 Day 2 — Arms (10 minutes, no equipment)

Okay readers, today is arms day!  For those who read my August blog post, Vacation-Friendly Upper Body Workouts (No Equipment), you know that it doesn’t take weights to work out your arms, shoulders, chest and back.  And you’re also not relegated to endless push-ups (though I certainly encourage you to master a solid push-up regime).  

Here’s another great workout that you can do anywhere, anytime, no weights, and no push-ups.  And it will surprise you.  It hurts (in a good way), and it works. 

Emily Mclaughlin is a relatively new online trainer for me.  She’s based in Berlin, Germany (though she sounds North American), and bills herself as a “content and wellness expert,” holding both a number of fitness certificates (Zumba, indoor cycling, cardio dance, boxing, yoga, HIIT) and a culinary nutrition certificate.   She does virtual training classes and hosts a 6-week Presence Program, “[i]f you’re struggling to get into a routine or noticed that workouts feel a bit ‘transactional’ lately.”  I’m not quite sure what that means, but it sounds intriguing! 


10-Minute Arm Workout (No Weights Required)

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