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SF30 Day 17 — Arms (27 minutes)

Today, I’m introducing one of my new fitness favorites, Caroline Girvan, for one of my favorite workout days, ARMS (!!).  Caroline is a northern Ireland-based fitness trainer, mom of two, and ultra-marathoner. And, she is not afraid to lift heavy.  Some say that, if you want to learn how to be skinny, watch a skinny person.   Well, if you want to have a ripped physique, watch a Caroline Girvan workout.  This woman is not afraid of a set of weights, and she has the guns to show for it.  

I like Caroline’s workouts because she starts with an introduction on proper form, which is helpful guidance.  This workout is comprised of 45 seconds of exercising for each move, followed by 15 seconds of rest.  Watch carefully, because she does not include an auditory signal that the interval is ending (hopefully, she’ll do this in the future). 

Caroline’s arms workout is only 20 minutes, so I’m supplementing with an 8-minute, no equipment toning routine from Holly Dolke.  I like to use short, no equipment workouts at the end of a weight session to burn out the muscles.  Holly provides a quick, challenging routine in the spirit of Tracy Anderson, but without the exorbitant subscription fees!

I know you’ll love this one as much as I do.  Enjoy it!

Caroline Girvan, Arm Workout at Home, Dumbbells Only (20 minutes)

Holly Dolke, Tone Your Arms workout, No Equipment (7 minutes)

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