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SF30 Day 15 — Cardio Dance and Kickboxing (30-40 minutes)

I can’t believe we are half way through the Simple Fitness 30-Day Challenge! I hope you’ve had some fun exploring different styles of training and trainers. I’m having a blast sharing some of my old favorites and exploring new content. There’s so much good stuff out there, much of it free.

To celebrate this halfway milestone, I’m sharing a 30-minute cardio dance and kickboxing workout from Pop Sugar Fitness. I shared an earlier Pop Sugar Fitness video featuring Katie Dunlop on Day 3 of the Challenge. PSF features a variety of guest trainers, which introduces me to a lot of new instructors to follow. Today’s trainer is Joseph D, a fitness instructor and life coach who specializes in kickboxing, strength, and plyometrics. He’s a former dancer, having danced alongside Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna (impressive!).  So his cardio workouts have a fun dance flair throughout. This workout includes a warm up and cool down and stretch.

If this 30 minute sweat fest leaves you wanting more, you can add on the Blogilates 8 minute kickboxing video with Cassey Ho and her sister, Jackelyn. This video is an old favorite of mine, filmed on the beach in San Francisco in front of the Golden Gate Bridge (before Cassey relocated her business to LA). This video cracks me up because it’s clear that Cassey is not a big cardio fan but is determined to keep up with her little sis. There’s also a cute cameo by some passers-by. During a time when California, and particularly San Francisco, is under so much duress from the wildfires, it’s nice to see what the city can and will be again.

Let me know which videos have been your favorites over the last couple of weeks!

Pop Sugar Fitness, Dance and Cardio Kickboxing (30 minutes)

Blogilates, Cardio Kickboxing (8 minutes)

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