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SF30 Day 11 — Legs Strength Workout (20 minutes)

Today’s leg workout will torch your quads, glutes, and hamstrings.  The workout is divided into 2 segments a 10-minute workout using dumbbells, followed by another 10-minute workout that’s low impact and weight free.   There is no warm up or cool down, so use the ones included in my Day 1 post.  I recommend doing the weight workout first, when your legs are fresh and you’re better able to use proper form.  Then, you can burn out your legs with the no equipment workout. 

Mr & Mrs Muscle created today’s videos, featuring Michael and Vivviene Addo, married personal trainers who live in Dubai.  I discovered Mr & Mrs Muscle’s YouTube channel after realizing that I don’t follow and support enough black trainers or other people of color.   I’m more intentionally seeking out these trainers, online and locally.

These two are super impressive.  They have solidly constructed workouts executed with perfect form.  I was also impressed by their synchronous movements when performing moves together.  If the Olympics had synchronized weight lifting, they’d be medal contenders. 

Let’s get started!

Mr and Mrs Muscle, Glutes, Legs and Booty Dumbbell Workout (10 minutes)

Mr and Mrs Muscle, No Jumping Low Impact Leg Workout (10 minutes)

If you want to try other married couple workouts, you can refer back to Day 8 and Day 10 of the Simple Fitness 30-Day Challenge, featuring Joshua and Claudia Kozak from HASFit  and Kelli and Daniel Segars from Fitness Blender

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