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    Kids and Exercise During the Pandemic

    As I write this, I am sitting in my apartment in Brussels, Belgium, a week into a 6-week lock down.  Until recently, schools were open and in session full time.  Now, Belgium extended the fall break in an effort to reduce COVID-19 exposures, and some schools are going back to virtual.  In the United States, schools have largely remained virtual, with parents juggling work obligations while helping their kids re-adjust to a virtual learning environment.   This is hard stuff.  When the first wave of lock downs started in March, spring and then summer allowed us to spend time outdoors.  Kids could play in backyards.  Families could go for neighborhood walks…

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    Meditation for People Who Like to Move

    I love the idea of practicing meditation and mindfulness.  I appreciate the physical and mental benefits of focusing the mind and breath to calm all of those hamster-wheel thoughts that wake me nightly at 3 am.  Meditation shares many of the same health benefits as exercise.  According to the National Institutes of Health, meditation increases calmness, helps you relax, provides psychological balance, and improves overall health and wellness.  Meditation can help you cope with pain and even strengthen parts of the brain. That said, I never meditate.  I barely find enough time for exercise, and adding another 10-20 minutes for mediation seems a bridge too far.  The few times I’ve…

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    Five Ways Exercise Makes Me a Better Human

    Everyone knows that exercise is good for you.  It builds bone density, helps maintain muscle mass, burns fat, and facilitates the release of endorphins, the good-mood brain chemical.  We do it because we know it’s good for our bodies, like eating fruits and vegetables.    Yet, it’s easy for exercise to become another “must do” transaction in our daily lives — something we squeeze into our already-packed schedules.  Speaking for myself, trying to get in a daily dose of fitness can stress me out.  If I prioritize other tasks or simply slack off because I’m tired, then I feel guilty for missing a workout. And sometimes I just dread it.  I…

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    Part 2! Taking a Holistic View of Fitness and Wellness: Q&A with Ally Templeton, Personal Trainer

    Last week, I posted Part 1 of my interview with Ally Templeton, personal trainer, yoga instructor, overall wellness coach, and purveyor of Alexandra Templeton Fit website and YouTube Channel.  Here is the second part of our conversation, where we touch on trending wellness topics like intermittent fasting, COVID-19, exercise while traveling, and potential differences between the EU and US approach to fitness.  I’ve included some video recommendations, so read until the end. Hope you enjoy it! What trends are you seeing in health, wellness, and fitness? I’ve been really interested in intermittent fasting.  I see it as a valuable tool.  While it sounds like a new thing, it’s been around…