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    A Beginner’s Guide to Foam Rolling

    If you belonged to a gym in the last 10 years, you’ve probably seen foam rollers lying around the stretching area—long, cylindrical tubes, usually in blue, black or white.   Initially, foam rollers struck me as mysterious and slightly frightening objects.  I observed their users rolling uncomfortably about, at times wincing with discomfort.  Giving the tool some side eye, I’d move on with my runners lunge or butterfly stretch. I came to reconsider foam rollers when my husband and I took up running again during the pandemic.  After taking our 347th walk around Brussels, running seemed a nice change of pace (literally).  We signed up for a virtual race called the…

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    SF30 Day 12 — Mobility (25 minutes)

    Today’s routine focuses on joint mobility.  As you push your body through HIIT, weights, strengthening, running, and other types of challenging workouts, it’s important to give some love to those joints.  I like this routine because it starts with the small joints in the fingers and wrists and works its way through the neck, shoulders, back, and hips.  So it’s a total joint love fest.   This video comes from GMB Fitness, a company co-created by three guys (Andy Fossett, Ryan Hurst and Jarlo Ilano) with backgrounds in martial arts and gymnastics, among others.  GMB has several paid programs for gaining strength, increasing mobility, and enhancing motor control and agility.  But…

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    Exercises,  Full Body,  Mobility,  SF30

    SF30 Day 6 — Mobility (10 minutes) or Rest Day

    If you’ve been following along with my daily fitness challenge, you may be ready for a rest day.  Rest days are a critically important part of exercise.  They allow your muscles and joints to recover and rebuild, ultimately making you stronger and better.  Rest days also prevent you from “over training”, which can lead to a whole host of problems, including poor performance, injuries, sleep problems, and other physical symptoms.  So when you’re ready for a rest day, take it.  For those of you ready to move on to Day 6, here’s a great mobility session.  I’ve talked about the mobility a couple of times on my blog, once while…