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    SF30 Day 18— Butt & Thighs (50 minutes)

    It might be Friday, but you’re not off the hook for your workout.  Today’s workout is a challenging 50-minute butt and thigh workout that uses both free weights and bands.  It’s going to have your legs sore all of the way through the weekend (in a good way).  Sydney Cummings is an inspirational fitness trainer and former West Virginia University athlete with a studio and online business based in North Carolina.  I like her workouts because she talks and trains right alongside you, and she’s not afraid to break a sweat.  She’s also not afraid to lift heavy.  Her fitness company, Royal Change, is geared towards making fitness accessible to…

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    SF30 Day 11 — Legs Strength Workout (20 minutes)

    Today’s leg workout will torch your quads, glutes, and hamstrings.  The workout is divided into 2 segments — a 10-minute workout using dumbbells, followed by another 10-minute workout that’s low impact and weight free.   There is no warm up or cool down, so use the ones included in my Day 1 post.  I recommend doing the weight workout first, when your legs are fresh and you’re better able to use proper form.  Then, you can burn out your legs with the no equipment workout.  Mr & Mrs Muscle created today’s videos, featuring Michael and Vivviene Addo, married personal trainers who live in Dubai.  I discovered Mr & Mrs Muscle’s YouTube…

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    SF30 Day 3 — Butt and Thigh Workout (10-minutes, no equipment)

    Legs day!  We’re going to start off (relatively) light with a 10-minute butt and thigh workout from Pop Sugar Fitness.  This video is a strength workout that doesn’t require equipment and has minimal jumping.  Make no mistake, though, you’ll definitely feel it — even with just 10 minutes.  I started following Pop Sugar Fitness about a decade ago, when I was trolling the internet looking for free online exercise content.   Pop Sugar Fitness is hosted by fitness expert Anna Renderer.  Anna reminds me of that cool mom in your neighborhood who holds sweat sessions in her bonus room.  Pop Sugar’s videos are usually 10-15 minutes and can easy to fit…