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    SF30 Day 29 — Jump Rope Workout (10 or 20 minutes)

    Today’s jump rope workouts are a great way to combat the boredom that sometimes accompanies repetitive cardio exercise. And it might just take you back to those carefree childhood days of summer.  Jumping rope has a lot of health benefits.  It elevates your heart rate to torch calories, improves coordination and balance, is easy to do, and is just plain fun.   On the flip side, continuous jumping can take its toll on your ankles, calves, and knees.  Be careful and ease into it, especially as a beginner or if you have existing injuries.  Here’s an introductory tutorial to get started.  I recommend starting with no more than 10 minutes if…

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    SF30 Day 24 — Core Challenge

    So far this week, we’ve featured a push-up challenge, a squat challenge, and a burpee challenge.  Today, we’re doing a 500-repetition core challenge with Maddie Lymburner from MadFit.  The last three days of challenges have worked the core as a secondary part of the exercise, but this routine targets all parts of the abdominal wall.  Some ask whether it’s okay to work your core every day.  The answer is nuanced, according to Livestrong.com: More isn’t always better. Generally speaking, … most people shouldn’t do ab workouts more than six times a week. Not only do your abs need a break, but so does the rest of your body. Without at…

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    SF30 Day 16 — Yoga/Pilates Blend (40 minutes)

    After a couple of tough workouts, I like to throw in a mid-week yoga/Pilates routine that both challenges and restores my body.   Today’s class comes from Studio SWEAT on Demand.  Studio SWEAT is best known for its spin workouts (think of them as a competitor to the Peloton app), but they offer a much wider range of classes, including TRX, HIIT, yoga, barre, and others.  They offer some limited free content in the hopes that you’ll sign up for their subscription service.  Today’s free video offers a fusion of Pilates and yoga, starting off with Pilates core work and transitioning to a yoga flow.  It’s a nice way to break…

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    SF30 Day 10 — Core & Cardio (25 minutes)

    I can’t believe we’re already 1/3 of the way through the Simple Fitness 30-Day Challenge!  I hope you all are discovering some new exercises and trainers who will help you meet your fitness goals.  Today’s video is from HASFit (Heart and Soul Fitness), led by married couple Joshua and Claudia Kozak.  Coach Kozak can be a bit of a cheeseball, but his workouts are solid and challenging.  His wife, Claudia, provides lower impact or less difficult versions of the moves, so you can still follow this video if you’re a beginner, have knee or back issues, or live in an apartment where you have to watch your noise levels.  This…

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    SF30 Day 7 — Total Body Strength (25 minutes)

    For readers in the US, Happy Labor Day!  Today’s video will definitely require some labor.  This week I’m introducing longer videos that require some equipment (exercise bands, weights).  If you’re new to exercising at home, check out my blog post on how to set up a home workout space.  You’ll be able to quickly assemble everything you need to stay in shape at home.  I recently added some new exercise bands to my basket of exercise goodies, and I am anxious to try them out.  So, today I am choosing Heather Robertson’s 25 minute total body strength workout with resistance bands.  I’ve been following Heather Robertson for about a month…

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    SF30 Day 1 — Abs (6 minutes, no equipment)

    Hey there readers!  Welcome to Day 1 of the Simple Fitness 30-Day Challenge.  I am so excited to get this going!  Each day, I’ll post a new online video, each free on YouTube, by a fitness expert whose videos that I’ve used and enjoyed.  Don’t worry, we’ll start small (but not necessarily easy) and work our way up to longer and harder videos.  But before we get started, a few words on warming up and cooling down.  It’s important that you do both before and after your workout.  I know time is often short, and I’ve certainly taken my share of shortcuts over the years.  But I’ve learned over time…

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    Move of the Week: Butterfly Crunch

    I recently came across the butterfly crunch while doing a Fitness Blender 10 Minute Abs workout (see minute 1:53-2:50).  I’ve done a bazillion of crunches over the years and experimented with various styles and difficulties, but this one had eluded me.  So, I decided to make this my workout move of the week.  As you know, I’m just getting started with this blog, so I am hoping to post a new exercise move (new to me, at least) on roughly a weekly basis to help you shake up your normal routine.   So, the butterfly crunch.  As with many crunches, you can do it in a number of different ways.  But the basic idea…