Welcome to Simple Fitness. I’ll share with you all of my shortcuts for living a fit lifestyle without all of the fuss of expensive gym memberships, a room full of equipment, or steep learning curves that prevent so many from beginning a sustainable fitness journey.   

This blog will focus on exercising primarily at home or outdoors with minimal equipment. I’ll review online workouts and at-home fitness trends, giving you the latest sources of easily accessible workout content. I’ll also conduct interviews with the experts to get you simple, easy to follow guidance on how to get and stay fit, while avoiding boredom and saving you a boatload of money. Banish that expensive gym memberships and join me on a simple fitness journey. 

This site will focus on ways to stay fit with just a mat, some weights, and you. That’s it.  Yes, we might throw in some suggestions for bands, a chair or ball from time to time, and if you have an exercise bench at home, that’s awesome.  But you don’t need all of this stuff to get a great workout at home.  It just makes it easier to do some exercises.  I’ll give you tips for using that equipment in tight spaces.  I’ve worked out at home in areas as small as 30 square feet.  It’s doable. 

Now, I’m not a fitness expert.  I’m a regular person with a day job, just like you.  But I’ve been physically active for years and have navigated through all sorts of nutty online workouts on my quest to be super fit (a quest that is evergreen, by the way, since I’m just a mere mortal).  I’ll leave the actual workout instruction to the experts, but I’ll curate them for you via my recommendations and reviews from the mere mortal perspective.  I don’t get paid by anyone for any suggestions, recommendations, reviews, or product suggestions.  I simply want to share what I’ve learned from many years on doing online and video workouts.

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